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Three Mistakes that Keep Parents of Teens WORRIED & IN THE DARK

If you have a teen, you know about the highs and lows – yours and theirs. There is a lot that can go wrong, before it goes right. Communication is key in creating a healthy parent-teen relationship. In my 25 year experience working with teens and their parents I have often seen three common mistakes parents… Read more »

Natural Ways to Overcome Depression & Anxiety

Here’s the replay of a webinar I did in December 2015 with Liesha Getson on ways to overcome Depression and Anxiety without going to medication, first. Fear, worry, sadness, guilt and anger all contribute to what seems to be an epidemic of anxiety and depression. Unbelievably, one in 10 Americans take antidepressants and anxiety affects 40 million… Read more »

Is Happiness a Choice?

Do you think happiness is a choice? What if you could choose to be happy, often? What would your life be like if you simply expected to feel happy most of the time? Can you name some of the blocks to happiness? I started to write that I didn’t want to sound Pollyanna-ish, but maybe… Read more »

Worry much?

“Get out of your head.”  I find myself saying this to my clients all the time, and also to myself.  It’s amazing how much of our attention goes into what’s happening in the top 10% of our bodies.  Now granted, it’s the location of the doorways to 4 of our senses, and the brain, itself, is… Read more »