Sound Health

Vibroacoustics and Brainwave Entrainment

Woman Participating in Vibroacoustics

Imagine… you in a chair or on a table that acts like an electronic tuning fork, vibrating your whole body. You hear and feel multi-layered sounds that are designed to take your brain and central nervous system into a deeply relaxed – healing state. You wear glasses that transform what you hear into mandala-like patterns of light. Imagine you in balanced harmony.

release pain and tension
let your body relax more deeply
help your brain work more efficiently

So much of our day is spent thinking – planning, organizing, analyzing. This is all left brain, beta, activity – in and of itself, a good thing. But, as in all things, you need balance.

To be healthy, you need balanced use of the right and left hemispheres of your brain and you need to be able to shift down into slower brain wave states.

Although several distinct brain wave pattern types have been identified, there are four patterns that we work with, specifically. In descending order of wave speed, called frequency, these patterns are known as beta, alpha, theta and delta, which is deep sleep.

As you slow your brain wave activity from beta to alpha, and then down to theta and delta, the two sides of your brain become more balanced. This is called brain synchrony. EEG studies have shown that in deep meditative states this synchrony becomes a state of whole brain integration. This synchrony provides “the maximum efficiency of information transport throughout the brain – the scope of your awareness is widened a great deal, so that you’re including many more experiences at the same time.” – Lester Fehmi, Director of the Princeton Biofeedback Research Institute

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Vocal Energetics

YOUR VOICE has a lot to tell about your emotional and physical health. Learn to use your voice to redirect your energy, as well a release physical and emotional pain. When any blocks are cleared, your range and vocal resonance increases, opening you to your authentic, empowered voice. 

Calm or energize yourself
Release all types of unwanted stress – physical, mental and emotional
Soothe pain
Create a more flexible and pleasing speaking and singing voice

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