SomaSound focuses on breath and sound moving through the body. It involves finding the places, where the sound is stuck or absent. Sometimes the blocks are due to tension and can be easily released. Finding the blocks can highlight tension patterns that relate to chronic stress reactions. The deeper level of the voice work is finding and releasing the places of unexpressed trauma.

We are wired to make sound. At birth, we come in yowling and then our home, school and social cultures teach us to limit our natural expressions. Now self-control is good thing. At the same time, it’s important to understand there is a direct link between emotion and the voice. When emotion is chronically unexpressed, problems can develop.

How many children have heard “stop your crying or I’ll give you something to cry about?” The emotional sound has nowhere to go, but inside.

What happens when we experience a sudden shock? The more intense the traumatic event, the more likely the physical reaction is imprinted in the body.

Then there is repeated childhood trauma. Events that were too numerous to process. Trauma can shatter a life; when it is chronic the self can fragment. Giving voice to the fragmented selves can help the integration process.

Express Your Whole Self!