PsychoSpiritual Growth

You are more than your mind, more than your body…

You are a multidimensional, energetic being with layers of conscious awareness, and healing is a multi-layered process. You can start on the mental/emotional/behavioral levels with the basics: making life manageable, free of overwhelming stress, anxiety and emotion. 

It is possible to go more deeply into releasing the blocks and bindings that limit your soul’s creative expressions of love and joy. You have a personal story, an ancestral story, and a soul story. Significant healing takes place when you find and release the bound energy from the old stories that no longer serve you.

We all have stories, things that happened. We not only tell the stories, we make decisions about ourselves and our place in the world, based on our attempts to make sense of what happens to us. How many children, because of harsh criticism, decided they are not lovable?

The process of healing is enhanced by entering alternate states of awareness. This happens, naturally, as you quiet your bodymind and become heart-centered; you gain access to the old stories. Tools from Sound Healing and Energy Psychology allow you to clear and balance the energies in your chakras and bio-field. This work allows you to make profound changes, more deeply, safely, and easily than you can imagine. The days of primal scream and overwhelming catharsis are long over.

In this deep work, you access, reclaim, and integrate the lost and disconnected parts of yourself – parts that were left behind, often because of trauma.

When you are ready to go to your next level of well-being, an experienced guide can help. Having been on her own healing journey for over 35 years, Meg knows the terrain well. Call her at 610-504-4830 to accompany you on your journey.