Speak your mind with confidence and kindness?

All life vibrates – All life sings!
Are you in tune with your own song? Do you feel healthy and vibrant? Are your thoughts and feelings coherent? Do your words resonate in your heart? Is your voice open and free? Do you speak your mind with confidence and kindness?

A resonant, authentic voice, free of blocks and limitations, is a pleasure to hear. With our voices we can communicate not only with others, but also with ourselves, if we listen. Listen to the music in your voice. What does it tell you? Have you lost your song, or has it been buried by the debris of life’s storms? If all life vibrates, then all life sings. You can reclaim your song.

Reclaiming your song begins with sound.

Sound arranges matter. In his exploration of wave forms Hans Jenny showed some of the beautiful patterns that tones create; each is unique, and all are found in nature and architecture. Jenny named this work Cymatics, and I still remember the excitement and awe I felt when I first saw his pictures. Imagine – sound creates form.

Our understanding of how vibration and resonance can heal is in its infancy. I’ve been exploring sound resonance since 1980, when I came across Laurel Elizabeth Keyes’ book “Toning: The creative power of the voice.” That book sent me on a wonderful journey, one that continues to this day.

Here are some things I’ve learned I can do with my voice: 
  – chase away headaches and ease or eliminate physical pain
  – get energized, even when I feel exhausted
  – quiet my brain, my body and my mind when feeling wired ‘n      tired, and the day’s not over
  – release physical and emotional tension
  – access and release old, buried stories that no longer have a place in my life
  – open to deeper levels of consciousness

What does all this have to do with speaking your mind with confidence and kindness?

By using the sound of your voice to release tension and emotional blocks, you begin to resonate with all the tones that your body needs. At the end of his work, Hans Jenny is reported to have said that we must now turn to the larynx, because it contains all of Cymatics.

As you release the old stories, you open and balance your energy centers. You begin to generate the sound from your power center and resonate the sound more deeply, in your heart. When we speak from the heart with authentic power, confidence and kindness are inevitable.

To begin or deepen your journey into sound healing, join me for Sonic Awakenings: A sound healing retreat.