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Speak your mind with confidence and kindness?

All life vibrates – All life sings! Are you in tune with your own song? Do you feel healthy and vibrant? Are your thoughts and feelings coherent? Do your words resonate in your heart? Is your voice open and free? Do you speak your mind with confidence and kindness? A resonant, authentic voice, free of… Read more »

Easy Tips to Avoid Family Drama during the Holidays

Ah, the holidays! Thanksgiving is almost here and suddenly it’ll be New Year’s Eve. So many chances to spend time with the family. So much time to be all warm and cozy with loved ones. Or not. Even the best of families can go through challenging times, but I see people every day who do… Read more »

When Perfect is a Problem

Perfection! Free from fault or defect, without flaw. Sounds wonderful! I mean, who doesn’t love perfection? But, when striving for perfection becomes constant, causing anxiety and driving those around us nuts, or it keeps us from trying new things, then that ideal has turned into something much less desirable: perfectionism. When I was seven, my second… Read more »

Stress and emotion

Here’s a short video about stress and emotion. It shows how your thoughts and feelings, so deeply linked, can amplify or reduce stress. What we say to ourselves about a situation often determines the intensity of the stress we actually feel. It’s helpful to take a step back and realize that our self talk may be… Read more »

Natural Ways to Overcome Depression & Anxiety

Here’s the replay of a webinar I did in December 2015 with Liesha Getson on ways to overcome Depression and Anxiety without going to medication, first. Fear, worry, sadness, guilt and anger all contribute to what seems to be an epidemic of anxiety and depression. Unbelievably, one in 10 Americans take antidepressants and anxiety affects 40 million… Read more »

Do you have an emotional first aid kit?

Did you ever consider that you need an emotional first aid kit? Having something you can do for stuck, painful or overwhelming emotion is as important to your health as having ointment and bandages for cuts and sprains. We call emotions “feelings,” because we feel them – in our physical bodies. If we feel them, physically, then… Read more »

The Relaxation Response – Where’s Your Tiger?

Stress is a just fact of life, right?  You just need to muscle through it and keep going, right?  You’re too busy, and don’t have time to relax, right? Well…let’s talk about your nervous system. You have your central system, the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral system, all the nerve connections from everywhere… Read more »