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Is there a gift in that bad feeling?

Do your emotions get the best of you? Does fear, anger, sadness, or guilt overwhelm you, at times? Do you even wish, sometimes, that you didn’t have to deal with feelings at all? Feelings, even the sucky ones, are an essential key to living well, and being able to respond rather than react is a sign… Read more »

Speak your mind with confidence and kindness?

All life vibrates – All life sings! Are you in tune with your own song? Do you feel healthy and vibrant? Are your thoughts and feelings coherent? Do your words resonate in your heart? Is your voice open and free? Do you speak your mind with confidence and kindness? A resonant, authentic voice, free of… Read more »

Easy Tips to Avoid Family Drama during the Holidays

Ah, the holidays! Thanksgiving is almost here and suddenly it’ll be New Year’s Eve. So many chances to spend time with the family. So much time to be all warm and cozy with loved ones. Or not. Even the best of families can go through challenging times, but I see people every day who do… Read more »

Why Affirmations Don't Work

Are your affirmations working for or against you? Do you say some life-affirming, abundance-attracting statement over and over…and over, and nothing changes? You’re unconscious mind may not be buying what you’re selling. Anyone who’s been in sales knows there will often be objections to closing the deal. It’s part of the gig, and you learn… Read more »

Is There Untapped Power in Your Voice?

Is there an untapped power in your voice? Did you know that you can increase your energy, become more calm and focused, and release pain and tension – all with the sound of your own voice? The other day, I was all revved up…I mean really revved. After going non-stop for several hours, I got… Read more »

Is Happiness a Choice?

Do you think happiness is a choice? What if you could choose to be happy, often? What would your life be like if you simply expected to feel happy most of the time? Can you name some of the blocks to happiness? I started to write that I didn’t want to sound Pollyanna-ish, but maybe… Read more »