Meg Deak MCAT, LPC

Certified Therapist Meg Deak

Meg Deak MCAT, LPC is an intuitive counselor with over 25 years of experience and a passion for discovering and removing the barriers to health and happiness. Skilled with tools and techniques that go beyond the limits of talk therapy, and always with the goal of rapid relief, Meg enjoys working with motivated teens and adults. She has a gentle, but direct, style that quickly gets to the root of an issue.

Meg combines her clinical understanding of the origins of pain and the pathways to health with her knowledge of rhythm and tone, neuroacoustics, self-hypnosis, creative expression and energy-based therapies.  She draws on this powerful blend to help facilitate stress management and emotional resilience as well as recovery from abuse, trauma and addiction. Equally exciting is the potential to reach optimal levels of performance and personal growth.

Meg’s Story

After experiencing stress/burn-out in her first career, Meg explored the holistic, healing impact of vibration, sound and music. Especially interested in the role of the voice in healing, Meg learned to use her own voice to calm herself down, when overly charged up; build energy, when fatigued; and, to ease or eliminate physical pain.  Wanting to see this somewhat obscure knowledge part of the mainstream, Meg realized that it had to be quantified and qualified, and so attended a traditional music therapy program.  It was there that her love of all things rhythmic took hold.  After discovering ways to find and release tension and trauma with the voice, learning the new techniques from the burgeoning field of energy psychology became a perfect fit.

A graduate of Moravian College, where she studied music and received her Bachelor of Arts degree, and Hahnemann University, where she received her Master of Creative Arts in Therapy, Meg is a life-long learner.  She also holds an Associate in Applied Science from Hahnemann University and studied with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson at the Center for Applied Neuroacoustics.  Meg enjoys continuing education courses where she finds new tips and strategies she can incorporate into her practice to help her clients get the most effective service.

For over 25 years, Meg honed her therapeutic skills, while first working with women struggling with chemical dependency and then in providing services for adolescents and their families involved with the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. She now enjoys private practice.

Meg is a licensed professional counselor, certified music therapist and neuroacoustic sound practitioner.  A certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner, Meg is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

What people have said about their sessions with Meg

“My first visit was so powerful…it made me want to get to the bottom of what was really causing my problems. For the first time in my life I was able to live life for me, and not the rest of the world. When life happens and I get stressed, a little tapping and some breathing, and my head is clear and I can think it through without a huge emotional outburst.” —M., age 26

“I am much more calm, and others around me respond to that in a very positive way. Meg has taught me awareness and techniques that I can always use to help myself regain balance.” —L., age 28

“By the end of the session, I could not remember why I was angry. Meg helped me save my marriage & my body. She has logic and common sense, and is a good sounding board. She clarifies issues, enough to stay with it and get through it.” —B., age 57

“My session was profound; I have no words.” —D., age 37

“Meg has the ability to choose just the right thing, at just the right time.” – C., age 58

“At the time I began, something just didn’t feel right. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. The music felt safe & comfortable. It made it easier to talk, pull out the things I needed to get to. I always feel better, sleep better.” – M., age 53

“Meg is awesome!” – E., age 14

“Working with Meg has been liberating for me; I’ve been surprised to learn how deeply rooted some of my feelings are, and relieved to learn how to let them go. She is like a beacon of light, illuminating the areas of my thinking that are unclear and counterproductive. I recommend her unequivocally.” – A., age 52

“You’re better than Valium.” – B., age 41